Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Introduction to language

Language is the method of human communication and is an integral part of culture and society. We use language everyday in many ways and to meet countless different ends. Language plays a large role in culture, with humans using it not just to communicate, but also to identify with a particular cultural group. It can vary across regions, class, religious or ethnic groups, education levels and generations. The language an individual speaks and how they speak it informs their cultural affiliations, how others perceive and interact with them and vise versa.

10 Benefits of Learning a Second Language

  1. It connects people and brings about international communication
  2. Languages are a passport to another world
  3. As a sign of respect and creates instant connections
  4. Stimulate your mind
  5. Beneficial to many job or business career
  6. Higher test scores
  7. Better in multi-tasking
  8. Delays the possibility of obtaining Alzheimer`s disease
  9. Become more language and cultural sensitive
  10. Improve your first language

Top 10 Most Spoken Languages in the World

  1. Mandarin
  2. English
  3. Spanish
  4. Arabic
  5. Hindi
  6. Portuguese
  7. Bengali
  8. Russian
  9. Japanese
  10. German

Why Is It Good For Us To Go For Language Class?

  1. Improve your knowledge
  2. Increase your understanding of other languages
  3. Create a greater confidence and professionalism when interacting with other people
  4. Able to handle questions and answers more skillfully and confidently
  5. Better engagement and understanding to the conversation
  6. Improve working relationship with clients or colleagues
  7. Develop strategies for adapting oral presentations to cross-cultural audiences
  8. Get your message across clearly and effectively
  9. Deliver ideas and aims clearly and concisely
  10. Create bonds between inter-cultural business

What are some of the effective classes one should go for?

If you are planning to learn a new language you have come to the right place. Everybody in the world knows how to speak at least one language, but how many knows how to speak more than one? With all the posts on benefits of learning a second language, I thought I would recommend you some of the popular places people always go for language classes or short courses and got a good review.

"Prolingua is the best place to learn a second language as their classes are highly interactive and the teachers are dedicated and passionate about teaching the language"  ~Mary

"I would highly recommend Prolingua. Professional and effective learning environment"  ~Safura

"The trainers are very friendly and patient even though I am quite slow"  ~Tan

From the review, I would say that Prolingua is a good place to start. Many people spoke highly of it and it`s definitely worth a try. They also offer courses for corporate company and each of their courses are customized based on their client`s industrial need. You can check out their website, www.prolinguaconsultants.com for more details and information about their language class and corporate language courses.

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