Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Transcription, Translation, Interpretation and Voice-Over


We offer a wide range of 98% accurate transcription services. Our transcription company provides 360 degree customer service at an inevitable TATs with flexible, reliable and world class transcription quality. Our company is well known for our service that provides accurate and high quality transcription. Our dedicated and enthusiastic team of qualified professionals serves for students, university researchers, solicitors, authors, publishers, journalists or any individual. Your satisfaction is our top priority. Click here for more details.


At Prolingua Consultantants, we are committed to deliver a high quality level of service that our customers deserve. A good translation should clearly convey the meaning of the original text, read smoothly, and be free from spelling or grammatical errors and that is exactly what we are offering you. We provide innovative, customer-focused translation and localization products and services for global companies. In addition, we also offer technology-driven solutions that produce significant gains in time/cost/quality by integrating complementary functions. Our translation services range from general document translation to legal, medical, technical and website translation. Prices depend on the source, nature and volume of the document. English, Malay, Arabic, Japanese, Mandarin or even French? Don`t worry. Wherever you are, we speak your language. Click here for more details.


We offer an Interpreting Service in various languages such as English, Arabic, Malay, Mandarin, Japanese, French and more. Accurate interpretation is very important in order to maintain our standard thus we only use qualified, skilled and professional interpreters with experience in a variety of areas. Our main agenda is to be the best consultant you could ask for. We will assess your requirements and place the best qualified interpreter to assist you. Whether your requirement is for simultaneous translation, over-the-phone interpreting, consecutive interpreting, escort interpreting for business meetings or conferences, no problem. We can supply the correct interpreter or tailor a package to suit your particular needs. We aim to interpret all kind of project convincingly for our audience. Click here for more details.


Prolingua is a professional, efficient and committed company which you can rely on to produce top quality sound for your next video project. Or if you want your videos to be used globally, Prolingua can help you to localize them in the languages of your target audience. Simply send us your master video and we will process it to create new audio tracks for different language versions. Scripts can be modified to suit your needs and subtitling is also available. Music or audio effect can be inserted to match the original soundtrack. Click here for more details.

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